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When I started Stillpoint Digital Press in 2012, all that I intended to do was to take my own varied experience as a writer, an editor, and an ebook designer and offer a service that was both more professional and more personal than that offered by the ebook self-publishing "services": digital publishing with a human face.

From the beginning, that idea has resonated — and has brought me in directions that I never anticipated.

One of my first projects was a memoir by former merchant seaman Jack Beritzhoff. When I began outlining my plans to Jack, talking through the editorial process and discussing the benefits of publishing his autobiographical work in ebook form, the ninety-four-year old nodded, smiled, and said. That sounds great. But I also want to be able to hold my book.

Well, who was I to deny Jack? And so Stillpoint became, quite outside of my plans, a traditional print publisher. The launch party and book signing for Sail Away was one of the prouder moments of my career in publishing.

Similarly, when Linda Finch began talking with me about bringing out a new edition of The Seven Gods of Luck, and I had created the print and ebook editions, I realized that I wanted to add a read-aloud track. Well, we have professional recording facilities, so that was easy. Suddenly, I found that we were in the audiobook business as well.

Our aim is to be as responsive as we can for our clients and partners, creating truly fine editions, no matter what the medium.

So tell us: what can we do for you?

David Kudler

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    • Ken,

      Thanks so much for contacting us!

      It would be most helpful if you could give us some additional information — the length of the piece (manuscript word/page count), does the piece include any images or tables, what format(s) (print/ebook/audiobook) are you looking for help with, and any other details you feel might be useful. Are you looking for help designing the book? Editing it? Shepherding it through the whole process from beginning to end?

      Email us at editor@stillpointdigital.com.

      David Kudler