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I’m not afraid of heights, but I definitely have a healthy respect for depths. So I’m as surprised as anyone that I’ve written a book featuring a girl who loves to be as high up in the air as possible.I am a writer, editor, narrator/producer, and publisher living just north of the Golden Gate Bridge with my wife, Maura Vaughn and our daughters. And our cats.

Currently, I run my own small publishing company, Stillpoint Digital Press. As managing editor at Joseph Campbell Foundation. I edited three posthumous volumes of Campbell’s unpublished writing and lectures and oversaw editions of seventy additional titles, including the third edition of his masterpiece, Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Through Stillpoint, I released  Risuko, a historical adventure novel (whew! lots of qualifications on that!) set in Japan during the Civil War era, and Bright Eyes, the second book in the Seasons of the Sword series, came out in May, 2022. I’m hard at work on Kano, the third book in the series.

I’m a passionate reader of mysteries, fantasy, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am a story addict.

And that’s me, at the moment. 😉

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  1. April, thank you so much for contacting us! If you could shoot us an email at [email protected] and give a little more information about your books — how long, how many illustrations, whether there are any formatting challenges (complex tables, drop caps, etc.).

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Monica, and our apologies. We shifted hosts and thought we’d updated all of the email addresses, but obviously lost one or two.

      It should work now.


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