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David Kudler | Narrator

I am a warm, friendly voice… except when I’m a bit scary.

I am a tough, masculine voice… except when I am comforting and gentle.

I am a SAG-AFTRA/AEA voice actor with over three decades of experience, including over 70 audiobooks. An Audible Approved Producer , I can handle a wide variety of narrative styles, character voices, dialects, and accents in projects long and short. I’m sure I’ll be just right for yours.

I’m also an author, an editor (of words and sound), and a publisher, so I understand the needs and challenges of your project. 

Contact me at [email protected].


Darcy & Desire (Regency Romance; British/Received Pronunciation, Male)

Mr. Darcy sends a somewhat steamy letter to his new bride Elizabeth (includes some four-letter words – used impeccably, of course)

Long Gone Daddies (Contemporary; Standard American & Southern Twang, Male/Female)

A small-time band pulls into a backwater juke joint, and romance ensues

A Man & His God (Epic Fantasy; Varied Characters & Dialects, Male)

An exiled prince encounters a priest and an immortal warrior and finds that he might be in over his head

The Seven Gods of Luck (Children’s Folktale; Varied Characters, Male/Female)

Seven Japanese deities awaken to discover that they’ve been left a kind gift by two children

The White Piano (Contemporary Romance; Standard American & Southern Drawl, Male/Female)

Ben discovers he’s falling in love with his father’s new wife as they play the piano together

A Favorite Son (Biblical Humor; Eastern European Jewish, Old/Young, Varied Characters, Male)

Jacob (Yonkel) begins telling the tale of how he came to trick his brother Esau and father Isaac — beginning with a tasty meal

Lady Blues (Mystery; Varied Characters, Old/Young, Male/Female)

A visit to an elderly friend at an assisted living center presents music professor/amateur sleuth Gus LaGarde with a mystery inside of an enigma

This is just a small sampling of my work. If you’d like to hear more, just comment below, or let me know!
I also narrate more adult titles under a stage name. If you’d like to listen to samples of some of my less work- and family-friendly narration, please feel free to contact me.

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