Noises Off Dialect Notes

Notes from 3-4-18:

A = hAt

AH = fAHther


Dotty – Squier, SquieR’ackham and

Garry – Some of them were BAHstuhds


Garry – A glAHss of champagne

Belinda – On ouRown

Dotty – the income tAx not tAHx

Freddy – NeveRunderstood

Garry – exAHmple for the stAHff

Garry – Someone’s in the bAHthroom

Freddy – Tax demAHnd

Garry – extr’ohduhn’ri

Brooke – bAHthmAt

Brooke – bAHthroom

Dotty – There she stAnds not stAHnds

Freddy – May I AHsk

Freddy – It is rAHther

Lloyd – Can we please have the lAHst line


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