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Bright Idea of the Day: The Author's Voice

So, I started putting a post together recently with some resources for self-publishers. I came up with a wonderful overview about the process of self-publishing, Guy Kawasaki’s APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur), Joel Friedlander’s excellent exploration of the process from a print designer’s perspective, A Self-Publisher’s Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish, and Liz Castro’s fabulous introduction to creating ebooks, EPUB Straight to the Point.

Looking at that list, I thought, Huh, okay — all I need is a good introduction to producing your own audiobook.

Went to find it.


Well, I spoke with some friends at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, where the unofficial motto is, If you can’t find the book you want, write it yourself. Asked folks if they thought that I should write a guide to audiobook production.

They did.

So I think I am. I’m thinking of calling it The Author’s Voice: A Writers Guide to Recording and Producing Audiobooks.

What do you think?

Two New Audiobook Titles on the Way!

Apart from Love by Uvi Poznarsky

I’m excited to be able to announce that Stillpoint has been signed to produce two new audiobooks for novelist Uvi Poznarsky. First up is A Favorite Son, Poznarsky’s retelling of the Genesis story of Jacob and Esav. Told through the eyes of Jacob — both as an old man and as a boy — the novella looks at the emotional challenges that come with Jacob’s assumption of Esav’s birthright, taking his brother’s place as the favorite son.

The other title — a very appropriate one for Valentine’s Day — is Poznarsky’s contemporary novel of a love that won’t be denied, Apart from Love. I’ll be producing this title, and sharing the narration duties with the wonderfully talented Heather Jane Hogan.

More announcements coming soon!

News! A Man and His God is now available!

A Man and His God, the audiobook that I produced for Perseid Press, is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible! Woohoo!

It’s just under two hours of high-fantasy fun. (Oh, and the folks at Audible insisted that I let you know: if you sign up for an Audible account, it can be one of your three free titles!)

Murder Comes to the Stillpoint

Death in a Fair Place
Death in a Fair Place by W. L. Taylor

Stillpoint Digital Press announces the publication of its first murder mystery, Death in a Fair Place by W. L. Taylor.

Set on the idyllic campus of a glossy prep school in Northern California, this fast-moving detective novel involves intrigue, scandal, and, of course, murder most foul — right on school grounds. When the head of the prestigious Pemberley Oaks School is found dead in the school’s memorial redwood grove, the list of suspects includes just about everyone with a connection to the school — faculty, staff, parents, and teachers. It is up to Detective Bill Felkin to dig past the privileged, sophisticated veneer and discover the truth.

Taylor, who worked in independent schools for many years, says about completing his first novel, “Being a fan of murder mysteries, the idea came to me to write a detective story that takes place on a private school campus. After I came up with the germ of the idea for the book seven years ago, I paid attention to the old adage — write about what you know — and that provided me with a wealth of material.”

Death in a Fair Place is now on sale at, as well as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and most other ebook outlets.

The Sound and the Fury: Audiobook Fun

I’ve just finished one of the more enjoyable projects I’ve worked on in a long time — creating an audiobook for Janet Morris’s A Man and His God. Handling the narration, the recording, and all of the post-production, that was fun. But getting to do all of that with a novella that I’d loved when it first came out as part of Robert Asprin’s Thieves’ World shared-universe fantasy series and then launched Morris’s own Sacred Band of Stepsons series? That was a blast! Continue reading The Sound and the Fury: Audiobook Fun

Seven Gods of Luck Available Now!

The Seven Gods of Luck – Now Available!

Limited-Time Special Offer:
Print, Ebook and Audiobook for $23.95 $9.99!

Stillpoint Releases Classic Folktale

November 1, 2012 – Stillpoint Digital Press announces the release of the fifteenth anniversary edition of the picturebook retelling of the classic Japanese folktale, The Seven Gods of Luck by David Kudler with illustrations by Linda Finch. Set during O-Shogatsu, the Japanese New Year festival, The Seven Gods of Luck is a magical holiday tale of generosity rewarded.
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Seven Gods Cover Art – A Poll

I need your help!

So I’ve been working away to prepare The Seven Gods of Luck for simultaneous release as an ebook, a paperback, and an audiobook. Great fun! It’s almost ready…

Except for one thing — the cover.

I’ve been assuming that we’d be using a cover very similar to the one designed for the original edition:
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Sail Away Signing a Huge Success

Author Jack Beritzhoff reads from his newly published memoir Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman
Author Jack Beritzhoff reads from his newly published memoir Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman

August 5, Larkspur, CA. Jack Beritzhoff (93) didn’t start writing until he was ninety. Today, a packed house at Folio 949 listened to him read from his newly-published memoir, Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman and then lined up to have the “young. aspiring author” (as he described himself) read from his book of memories about the time that he served as a member of the US Merchant Marine from early in World War II through the Korean War. Continue reading Sail Away Signing a Huge Success

Stillpoint author Kate Moore talks Romance and the RITA® Awards

To Seduce an Angel

When Kate Moore heads south to Anaheim this weekend to attend the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® Awards, it will be for more than a chance to connect with her fans and fellow romance novelists. Her historical novel To Seduce an Angel is up for the Best Regency Historical Romance award.

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Last Day of the Kickstarter Drive!


Today is the final day to help launch Stillpoint Digital Press’s first original title by contributing to the Kickstarter drive for Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman! We’ve already achieved our minimum funding goal thanks to the support of a wonderful group of backers. This guarantees that we’ll be able to get the book completed as envisioned and on schedule. Any additional pledges will ensure that this nautical memoir will reach the audience that it deserves.

If you’ve already pledged, your support is gratefully appreciated! If you’ve been waiting, pledge now and reserve one of the very first copies of the print and/or ebook edition. The link is: