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Stillpoint Digital Press:

So, remember the news I’ve been hinting at?

Here it is:

The Human Face of Digital Publishing

The ebook explosion has promised a new relationship between authors and their readers—one that is more immediate and personal. And yet writers looking to take advantage of this new medium find themselves in a familiar bind: either seek to publish through a traditional publisher and receive pennies on the dollar, self-publish, or use a service that is happy to publish your book for you (for either a fee or a percentage of sales)–but without providing any editorial services.

Stillpoint Digital Press is an ebook publisher that provides a human touch. We are an experienced publisher of electronic and print books, ready to help you convert your manuscript or your print volume (whether in- or out-of-print) into a vibrant, exciting digital book. We will help you edit, create a cover, design, and sell your book.

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Psst! Check it out!

A project (with attendant website) that I’ve been working on for months has gone live:

Stillpoint Digital Press: The Human Face of Digital Publishing

It’s still in the early stages, but I’d love you to check it out and tell me what you think!

Testing a second User

So, this is a post from a second user. Does it work?

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Testing, testing…

So, I’m creating a new website. And it’s got blogs and stuff. And I thought I’d crosslink it to my Livejournal (and thence, hopefully, to my Facebook account.)

Why, you ask?

Well… Um…

I can’t tell you yet. But I will. Soon. I promise. 🙂