Keeping Time Kickstarter - A Time Travel Trilogy by Heather Albano

Stillpoint launches Keeping Time Kickstarter

Stillpoint Digital Press has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help complete Heather Albano’s exciting Keeping Time trilogy of steampunk time-travel adventure novels.

Support Risuko on Kickstarter!Running until December 20, the Keeping Time Kickstarter campaign will underwrite the publication of new editions of the first two novels in the series, Timepiece and Timekeeper. Stillpoint plans to release these titles in 2017 in both ebook and print editions. In addition,  January, 2018 will see the release of the previously unpublished  conclusion of the series, Timebound.

Rewards for backing the campaign range from copies of the ebooks to copies of the paperback edition or the Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover edition — or even getting to name a character in the final book.

Timepiece - final cover Timekeeper - no figures Timebound - no figures

Praise for the Keeping Time series

“Waterloo and time travel are made for each other and Heather Albano has done a wonderful job of giving us a delightful cast of characters, tasked with stitching together the proper nineteenth century while fending off several monstrous alternatives. Propulsive adventure with historical insight.” – Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars and 2312

 “If Jane Austen and Mary Shelley had locked H. G. Wells in a dungeon and revised his wildest work, the result would have been something like this rollicking steampunk time-travel adventure that still manages to be a comedy of manners. Albano’s delightful characters confront the not only monsters and killer robots, but their own divided loyalties between personal happiness and the fate of their country.” – Ken Schneyer, The Law & the Heart

“Austen, meet Waterloo. When a genteel 1815 heiress is given a strange watch, she time-travels to an 1885 England where history has gone hideously wrong. Now she has to change it back to what it “should” have been—and that never works out well, does it? A delicious supercharged blend of steampunk and the Napoleonic Wars, with a thrill on every page.” — Sarah Smith, The Vanished Child

“This is the kind of ‘close your eyes, grab the wheel, press the accelerator’ science fiction that exploded from pulp paperbacks on drugstore racks back in the day.” — Grady Hendrix, Horrorstör

About Keeping Time

You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo.

The real story involved more monsters. And a lot more time travel.

It’s 1815, and Wellington’s badly-outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napoleon’s forces. Desperate to hold until reinforcements arrive, Wellington calls upon a race of monsters created by a mad scientist 25 years before.

It’s 1815, and a discontented young lady sitting in a rose garden receives a mysterious gift: a pocket watch that, when opened, displays scenes from all eras of history. Past…and future.

It’s 1885, and a small band of resistance fighters are resorting to increasingly extreme methods in their efforts to overthrow a steampunk Empire whose clockwork gears are slick with its subjects’ blood.

Are these events connected?

Oh, come now. That would be telling.

About the Keeping Time Kickstarter Campaign

Help us complete the story!

In 2011, the steampunk time-travel novel Timepiece told the story of a girl, a pocket watch, Frankenstein’s monster, the Battle of Waterloo, and giant clockwork robots taking over London. The story continued with Timekeeper the following year. Now we have the chance to bring new editions of both – plus Timebound, the third book of the trilogy! – to the reading public. But do that, we need your help.

By “we,” you mean…?

Keeping Time Kickstarter - Heather AlbanoHeather Albano is a storyteller, history geek, and lover of both time-travel tropes and re-imaginings of older stories. You most likely know her from her game design work (which most recently included A Study In Steampunk, produced by Choice of Games, and contributions to TimeWatch and The Dracula Dossier, both published by Pelgrane Press)—but she writes non-interactive fiction too. Like this trilogy.

Keeping Time Kickstarter - David KudlerDavid Kudler, publisher with Stillpoint Digital Press, is an editor as well as an author in his own right. He’s run the publications program for Joseph Campbell Foundation and managing editor of the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell since 1999, overseeing the release over seventy books, ebooks, videos, and audio recordings, including Pathways to Bliss and the 2008 edition of Campbell’s seminal book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. He started Stillpoint Digital Press in 2012, where he’s published over sixty titles by eighteen authors — including Sail Away by WWII veteran Jack Beritzhoff, as well as his own recent YA historical novel Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale, both of which were successfully supported through Kickstarter campaigns.

And what is it you’re trying to do here?

We want to bring you new editions of Timepiece and Timekeeper, in PRINT this time as well as digital formats!

And we want to bring you a BRAND-NEW book, Timebound, which completes the trilogy and answers many of the questions raised by the first two.

And also involves time-traveling Nazis. Because really, who doesn’t want to defeat time-traveling Nazis?

How will my contribution help?

The first two books are written, and the third is underway. Your pre-order will help us finance:

  • Cover art
  • Proofreading
  • Layout and printing cost
  • Advance reviews (Yes, disgusting, isn’t it? Some of the major sources of book reviews charge small publishers simply to be reviewed.)
  • Inclusion in major catalogues, trade shows, etc.

And, you know, there are more stories to be told in this universe. Should we surpass our goal, Heather would take that as an indication of interest in said additional stories, and would move them further up on her to do list.

But one thing at a time.

No pun intended.

Support Keeping Time Kickstarter!

Timepiece, 2016 edition
Timepiece, 2016 edition



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