Lend Me Your Ears: Stillpoint Produces Audiobooks

Confessions of a Sex Maniac
and The Seven Gods of Luck
now available as audiobooks
(Visit Stillpoint’s page on Audible.com or see below for details)

When I started Stillpoint Digital Press, my intention was to focus on the growing field of ebook production and distribution.

A funny thing happened on the way to the iBookstore. Actually, several funny things.

On one of our first projects, Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman, 93-year-old author Jack Beritzhoff listened patiently while I explained the benefits of ebook publishing and said, “That sounds great. I want to hold my book.”

So Stillpoint became a traditional ink-and-paper publisher.

More recently, we were working to publish a new edition of the picture book that I had created with Linda Finch, The Seven Gods of Luck. A paperback edition was in the works, and I was working on the ebook, when it occurred to me that I should take advantage of the new medium and add a read-aloud track (which is available in the ePub 3/iBooks format of the book). Now, I’ve been producing audio for a while, mostly for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, so I had a recording studio set up in my office. No problem–I recorded my reading of the book, added some music and sound effects, and voilà: read-aloud track.

As I prepared to release the title, it further occurred to me that, hey, I had what amounted to an audiobook. It took very little additional work to create the standalone MP3.

At the same time author/performer David Henry Sterry, a friend of a friend, had created an audiobook of his erotic/noir book Confessions of a Sex Maniac and needed help distributing it. It was at the opposite end of the genre spectrum from The Seven Gods of Luck, but I said I’d be happy to help him release his

The funny thing that happened? Stillpoint is now a full-fledged audiobook producer/distributor. Seven Gods and Confessions are both available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

So… hear any good books lately?

The Seven Gods of Luck (audiobook):    
Audible   •   iTunes   •   Amazon
Confessions of a Sex Maniac (audiobook):    
Audible   •   iTunes   •   Amazon

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