Make your book its own best marketing platform!

What if you had a tool right now that would make your book the best tool you have for selling itself? A tool that makes it incredibly easy for your most devoted readers to review and post at the moment when they are most motivated — just after they’ve finished the book!  People can click here if they want seo teams for marinas!

Smidget is that tool!


Smidget — the social media widget for ebooks
(Try the buttons!)

Smidget is a social media widget designed specifically for use in ebooks. Just like the sharing button bars that are so familiar from websites, each of these buttons takes you to a sharing site — but not just to the site. The Amazon and Goodreads buttons will bring the reader directly to those sites’ review posting pages. The button on the bottom left will send the reader to your website (with your logo displayed). And the four familiar buttons on the bottom-right will send the reader to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest — with information about your book and a buy link preloaded!Here, for example, is what happens when a reader hits the Pinterest button on one of our recent titles: 

Pinterest — About Gods & Games
Pinterest — About Gods & Games

This widget makes it a breeze for your most motivated readers — the ones who have just finished your book — to share their experience, attracting more readers. Word of mouth is the best advertising there is; why not make it as easy as possible for your readers to share it? Go viral!

Stillpoint’s widget comes in two versions — one for Amazon’s Kindle ebooks and one for ePub ebooks to be uploaded to all other retailers. The text is completely editable, and will follow the style of your ebook.

We will send you both versions, including the code, all necessary image files, and instructions for adding the widget to your ebook for the low introductory price of $25.

Get your book out there — selling itself!


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