New from Stillpoint: The Law & the Heart by Kenneth Schneyer

Law and the Heart coverFirst, the law.  A time traveler confronts a judge to prevent four years of war.  An author undergoes suspended animation to preserve his copyrights and escape his creditors.  Then, the heart.  A medical accident robs a husband of 20 years of marriage.  A soldier mother struggles to tell the difference between her daughter and the alien enemy.

Stillpoint Digital Press is proud to announce the publication this month of The Law & the Heartthe first collection of stories by Nebula- and Sturgeon-nominated author Kenneth Schneyer.

Exploring the seams where humanity and technology, society and individuality intersect, Schneyer presents thirteen mind-bending, thought-provoking tales of near and far futures that will amuse, amaze, and unsettle. The law will change, and the heart will change, and the heart will change the law.  These stories confront the question of just what makes and keeps us human.

“The stories here are formally ingenious, even startling, and at the same time full of heart; the combination is brilliant and delightful.  More please!”

Kim Stanley Robinson, author of 2312 and Shaman: A Novel of the Ice Age.

“Spare us the lawyer jokes – here is a collection of stories from a writer who can navigate around the quiddities of the law and still plumb the tumultuous depths of human emotion. Ken Schneyer extrapolates the future of our legal systems with the dexterity of an Asimov putting his robots through their paces and yet in these (lucky) thirteen stories you will meet people just like you who live lives you would never have imagined. The Law & The Heart is a witty, moving calling card from a writer you’ll want to see again soon.”James Patrick Kelly, Hugo, Nebula and Locus Award winner

Kenneth Schneyer’s science fiction and fantasy appear in Analog, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clockwork Phoenix 3 & 4, Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Podcastle, and elsewhere.   In 2014, his story “Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer” received nominations for both the Nebula Award the Theodore Sturgeon Award for best short fiction.

A lawyer who became a teacher who became a writer, Ken attended the Clarion Writers Workshop at UCSD in 2009 and joined the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop in 2010. He was a theater major at Wesleyan and briefly a semiprofessional actor before attending law school at the University of Michigan. He teaches legal studies and humanities at Johnson & Wales University, and has published numerous articles on the constitutive rhetoric of legal texts (click here to read).

Born in Detroit, he now lives in Rhode Island with one singer, one dancer, one actor, and something with fangs. He’s interested in astronomy, history, politics, philosophy, presidential trivia, brain science, and practically everything else. Unlike you, he has actually read his Microsoft and Apple End Use License Agreements.

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