Jack Beritzhoff and publisher David Kudler discuss the new release of Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman

Sail Away Kickstarter Project Successful

Thanks to a wonderful group of supporters, our Kickstarter drive to underwrite publication of Sail Away came successfully into port, exceeding our goal by 25%!

To see the results of this new project, go to the Kickstarter.com page (see below).

Thanks so to those of you who helped launch this worthy project. Not only have you ensured that we can complete this book as envisioned and on schedule, but the additional funds will help Stillpoint bring the book into the public awareness, where as it deserves to be.

Funders will get copies of this and other titles from Stillpoint Digital Press.

Click here to support this project at Kickstarter.com

Click here for more information on Sail Away

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