New Stillpoint title: Laura English

We’re excited to announce the imminent publication of Laura English, Lynn Arias Bornstein’s new novel of glamor, love, and intrigue coming in print and ebook formats to Stillpoint Digital Press in February:

Two New Audiobook Titles on the Way!

I’m excited to be able to announce that Stillpoint has been signed to produce two new audiobooks for novelist Uvi Poznarsky. First up is A Favorite Son, Poznarsky’s retelling of the Genesis story of Jacob and Esav. Told through the eyes of Jacob — both as an old man and as a boy — the … Continue reading Two New Audiobook Titles on the Way!

Timepiece Flash Giveaway!

For today only, we’re having a flash giveaway of Heather Albano’s thrilling steampunk time-travel adventure, Timepiece! This rollercoaster thriller of a novel combines Jane Austen romance with Mary Shelley monstrous horror and then adds dystopian time-travel a la H.G. Wells! The first novel in the Keeping Time trilogy, Timepiece takes all of these very different elements and combines them in an exciting, … Continue reading Timepiece Flash Giveaway!

At the Stillpoint

David Kudler, PublisherWhen I started Stillpoint Digital Press in 2011, all that I intended to do was to take my own varied experience as a writer, an editor, a narrator, and an ebook designer and offer a service that was both more professional and more personal than that offered by the ebook self-publishing “services”: digital publishing with … Continue reading At the Stillpoint

Book Covers 101: You CAN tell a book by its cover

Let’s Talk Covers… Your mother probably taught you many things, among them the truism “You can’t tell a book by its cover.” Now, while that wisdom holds in most of our lives, one place where it doesn’t, ironically, is in publishing.

Book Marketing 101: What to do BEFORE you pay for ads

The first thing you need in order to sell your book(s) is a quality product — well-written, well-edited (not by you), and well-designed (both the ebook, the print edition, and, possible, the audiobook — not to mention the cover). But that’s not enough. If you build it, they probably will not come. Creating books is … Continue reading Book Marketing 101: What to do BEFORE you pay for ads

Kunoichi Tales Kickstarter Under Way

We’re excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of Bright Eyes: A Kunoichi Tale, the second title in David Kudler’s award winning Seasons of the Sword series, is now open — and already 80% to its initial goal! About the Kickstarter Campaign This crowdfunding campaign, which runs through April 10, will … Continue reading Kunoichi Tales Kickstarter Under Way

Mind Amplifier: Can Our Digital Tools Make Us Smarter?

Is the human brain the pinnacle of evolution… or the starting point for innovation?

Instead of asking whether the Web is making us stupid, Howard Rheingold examines the origins of digital mind-extending tools, and then lays out the foundations for their future. Rheingold proposes an applied, interdisciplinary science of mind amplification. Rheingold unveils a new protocol for developing techno-cognitive-social technologies that embrace empathy, mindfulness, and compassion elements lacking from existing digital mind-tools.

David Kudler | Narrator

I am a warm, friendly voice… except when I’m a bit scary. I am a tough, masculine voice… except when I am comforting and gentle. I am a SAG-AFTRA/AEA voice actor with over three decades of experience, including over 70 audiobooks. An Audible Approved Producer , I can handle a wide variety of narrative styles, … Continue reading David Kudler | Narrator