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So, remember the news I’ve been hinting at?

Here it is:

The Human Face of Digital Publishing

The ebook explosion has promised a new relationship between authors and their readers—one that is more immediate and personal. And yet writers looking to take advantage of this new medium find themselves in a familiar bind: either seek to publish through a traditional publisher and receive pennies on the dollar, self-publish, or use a service that is happy to publish your book for you (for either a fee or a percentage of sales)–but without providing any editorial services.

Stillpoint Digital Press is an ebook publisher that provides a human touch. We are an experienced publisher of electronic and print books, ready to help you convert your manuscript or your print volume (whether in- or out-of-print) into a vibrant, exciting digital book. We will help you edit, create a cover, design, and sell your book.

A Price to Fit Your Pocket

How much does this cost? It depends on how much help you feel you need. Our general fee for converting a book with a minimum of design complications (complex tables, images, verse, etc.), copy-editing it, designing the book, creating a cover and posting it to all of the major ebook outlets (Amazon’s Kindle Store®, Apple’s iBookstore®, Barnes and Nobles’s Nook Corner®, the Google Ebook store and more) is either 40% of any money that comes in or $200 plus 20%. If your book is more complex, or if you need more editorial assistance, we would be happy to negotiate either an hourly rate or a percentage of your sales.

Get Published, Right Now!

Do you have a book you’ve always wanted to share with the world? Do you have a work that’s gone out of print—or that’s still in print, but which the publisher wants to take 75% for selling as an ebook? Contact us at [email protected] and make your publishing dream a reality!

At the stillpoint of the turning world
There the dance is
—TS Eliot, “Burnt Norton”

NOTE: Stillpoint is a small press; we regretfully reserve the right to pass on your project. So don’t wait!

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