Seasons of the Sword


Can one girl win a war?

Kano Murasaki, called Risuko (Squirrel), is a young fatherless girl, more comfortable climbing trees than down on the ground. Yet she finds herself enmeshed in a game where the board is the whole nation of Japan, where the pieces are armies, moved by scheming lords, and a single girl couldn’t possibly have the power to change the outcome.

Or could she?

Historical adventure fiction appropriate for teen readers

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    Bright Eyes (Seasons of the Sword 2)

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  • Sale! Deadly Blossoms kunoichi tales cover

    Deadly Blossoms (Kunoichi Companion Tales 1–6)

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  • Sale! Risuko 3D cover

    Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale

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  • Sale! Kano - coming soon cover

    Kano (Seasons of the Sword #3)

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