Into the Mystic anthologies

Stories of fantasy and romance to enchant, move, and delight!

Volume I:

    • What do you do after the Final Battle cost you everything? K.D. West’s Changelings follows three lost souls who have won a war and been stripped of everything else — except each other.
    • Whispers traded for bruises, a hope born from sacrifice, and faith in an unknown love. Shannon Meyers’s Better than Fine tells the journey of soulmates connected by a witch’s thread.
    • Real by TheWordsInMyHead asks what’s the difference between truth and imagination? The established authorities deem Elizabeth crazy, but the Watcher assigned to her hospital knows she is the only one among them that can see the truth.
    • LegendDairy’s Sasha Shutland is the story of a woman with a past, like most women have. Hers just happens to involve adventure, magic and mischief.
    • In Arden Wiles’s A Tree of Life, a young girl encounters a Wiccan, and together they learn more about their own pasts, presents, and futures.
    • In deadwoodpecker’s The Witch of the Margins, a charming young mermaid visits a witch in order to lift a curse. But all magic comes with a price, and neither witch nor mermaid expects it to be quite so high.

(Steamy fantasy romance, paranormal, novellas)

Enter Into the Mystic: A world of stories. A world of magic and fairy tales interweaved with the supernatural with a little bit of romance and smut thrown in for good measure. This anthology has everything a fan of the mystic needs, from changelings and fairy magic to witch bonds and soul connections. Characters who help those in need and who use magic spells during the witching hours. There are dryads and mermaids and love triangles and curse breaking — oh my! If you’re looking for short stories about any of the above, then enter into the mystic and find yourself in a world of magicians who weave words like magic. ~ Breanie, A Second Chance

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