A Man and His God by Janet Morris

The Sound and the Fury: Audiobook Fun

I’ve just finished one of the more enjoyable projects I’ve worked on in a long time — creating an audiobook for Janet Morris’s A Man and His God. Handling the narration, the recording, and all of the post-production, that was fun. But getting to do all of that with a novella that I’d loved when it first came out as part of Robert Asprin’s Thieves’ World shared-universe fantasy series and then launched Morris’s own Sacred Band of Stepsons series? That was a blast!

A Man and His God centers around Tempus, a mercenary cursed with what may or may not be immortality, as he does his best to serve his employer (Prince Kadakaithis, governor of the backwater known as Sanctuary), his conscience, and his god Vashanka, deity of storms, kingship, and war. Being who he is, Tempus manages to find chaos wherever he goes. As he tries to keep the prince in check and still to follow his own agenda, however, he finds that something has followed him: Abarsis, a young warrior-priest who knew Tempus when Abarsis was young.

There’s a large cast of characters — a wonderful legacy of the Thieves’ World books — and much uproar ensues, including what was, evidently, the first kiss shared by two men in fantasy/science fiction literature.

It was a blast getting to wade into all of that and bring it to life! Finding character voices is one of my favorite things to do, and this gave me the opportunity in spades. Here’s a fun conversation where Abarsis comes to greet Kadakaithis and Tempus (whom Abarsis teasingly calls ‘Riddler’):

Greetings, Riddler! (Abarsis, Tempus, and Kadakaithis)

Fun. 🙂

And this being fantasy, featuring a mercenary no less, there has to be a battle. A Man and his God features a doozy: an assault by Tempus and his men on the compound of the slave trader and all-around nasty Jubal:

The Attack on Jubal’s

I remember feeling breathless reading that sequence when I first across it, way too many years ago.

The audiobook should be up on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon soon. I’ll let you know when it’s available!

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  1. It’s sure you had fun narrating the A Man and His God. I read this novel before, you did a great job doing its audiobook. Now I can listen on this while traveling which makes me excited to have your copy. Please let me know how I can have one.

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