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To Seduce an Angel (Berkley Sensation)

To Seduce an Angel (Berkley Sensation)
By Kate Moore

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The youngest of the Jones brothers, Kit, has just been made the Marquess of Daventry-heir to his vengeful grandfather, the Duke of Wenlocke. Kit wants to free his family from the old duke, and he hires the beautiful Emma Portland to tutor his young wards while he makes his plans. But Emma's true identity may be even more dangerous to Kit than his dastardly uncle. And the feelings they begin to have for one another may spell their mutual doom.

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #414976 in eBooks
  • Published on: 2011-09-06
  • Released on: 2011-09-06
  • Format: Kindle eBook

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"The last of the Sons of Sin trilogy is a beautifully rendered love story.  Readers will fall in love with Moore's hero, admire her heroine and savor every moment of their reading experience."--RTBOOKREVIEWS

About the Author
Kate Moore is a teacher, a writer, and a mom.  She has been writing Regency romances, both the short traditional Regencies, and longer, steamier historicals, for twenty-five years.  She likes her heroes to be men of courage and competence, honor and virility.  They are generally loners with a determination so strong it keeps their sensuality in check until the heroine wins their love.  Her heroines are practical, brave, and kind, and they can't help speaking out when the occasion calls for truth.  Teaching keeps Kate in constant contact with great heroes and heroines of literature and young heroes and heroines in the making.

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3Even though I really admired the heroine, couldn't quite buy into this story
By Melissa
I would have enjoyed Kate Moore's latest novel To Seduce an Angel more if she had set the story about six or seven years later than she did. I simply could not get past the fact that the lead characters were so very young but acted as if they were much older, especially the hero.

Hero Kit Jones the Marquess of Daventry has led a very different life than most aristocrats. He was kidnapped at thirteen, chained to a bed for two years by a depraved man, escaped at fifteen and lived for years with a group of pickpocket thieves in the rookery of London, reconnected with his family and now after a legal battle with his insanely greedy grandfather has been given his deceased father's title and lands. He has not forgotten his band of pickpockets; they live in his sprawling huge manor outside London. Daventry is twenty years old and well adjusted for a man who has had one horrible experience after another (including some hints at being a target of sexual assault by his kidnapper).

Daventry wants his charges to have a leg up on the world and he realizes their best opportunity is to receive an education, so he advertises for a tutor. He is surprised when a young pretty woman applies for the job.

Emma Portland is desperate. The reader is given small glimpses of her background. She was imprisoned with her family years before, escaped with her cousin and baby and lost her brother. Her cousin and baby are no longer with her but she hopes they have caught a ship to America. Emma is being blackmailed by the Duke of Wenlocke to spy on Daventry, if she refuses, a false accusation will be lodged against her with the magistrate.

Emma and Daventry have an instant attraction and she gets the job of tutoring by using her fine negotiating skills. Emma hates spying but enjoys being around the boys and especially Dav. Emma knows she must escape so she is constantly vigilant and carefully planning her secret departure.

Even though these leads do have a quick connection I never quite believed their story. Daventry at twenty acted much older than his years, too old actually. He seemed more like a thirty-five year old. Yes, he had a difficult life but I had a hard time believing that in three years he would have matured into the aristocratic Marquess. He did not bother himself much with his lands and estate management but rather was intent upon training for a boxing match which in some ways bespoke of a young man but did not explain why his older brothers encouraged his physical training and not his education on the responsibilities of an eventual dukedom.

Emma's back story although interesting was a little too unbelievable. She was brave except with her feelings, personal confession is a bit difficult for her. She did however act like a twenty year old girl when she struggled with her conscious.

The leads have a romance that felt like an older couple, not so much a couple falling in love for the first time at twenty. Dav appeared to have overcome almost every issue to be had when a young man is kidnapped and feeling abandoned. He did not like enclosed places so he wandered upon his roof but his kidnapping and probable molestation were dealt with very cursorily. Apparently one night with a prostitute cured him of any problems. This just seemed way too convenient. And easy.

It's not that this couple did not share a connection but it did not feel like the right one. Twenty year old men just act differently, they are still boyish (he was with his charges) but Dav seemed so much older everywhere else to include his relationship with his lead. Still the writing here is good and the heroine was genuinely likable and imaginative.

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5Gritty fairy tale
By The Escape Artist
"To Seduce an Angel" was the best in the Sons of Sin series. I read Xander and Will's stories with a grain of salt, but I was completely taken away by Kit/Dav's story. Emma and Dav had an insane amount of obstacles to conquer to reach their HEA, and Kate Moore absolutely delivered in this page turner.

While some reviewers are absolutely right in wishing for an epilogue that included all the boys (I like to think that the two boys who stepped into Kit's shoes were watched over by Will and Nate Wilde, but that's just MY overactive imagination), I think Moore did an amazing job taking these characters out of the gritty London underworld of the first two novels, and putting them in the underbelly of nobility in this final installment. And Emma's true identity? WOW, I was not expecting that at all!

Anyway if you are a fan of the darker aspects of Georgian and Recency romances (in other words, Elizabeth Hoyt is permanently on your favorite author list), you absolutely must read Kate Moore!!

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4Best out of three
By Jersey Girl
The final book of a trilogy about 3 brothers, all with different fathers but the same mother, who was once a courtesan. I really liked all of them, but this one most of all. I recommend reading the whole trilogy in order, to follow the plot complications. The same group of characters reappear in each book. The setup of a series about a group of siblings, some illegitimate and some not, has been done before, but there were some unexpected twists and turns, and some lovely well written prose. This author keeps improving as she goes along. One of her habits seems to be that we know the hero's backstory, but we don't really know who the heroine is and her complete history until the end; the same technique was used in the previous book, "To Save The Devil". I really enjoyed the part when the elderly duchess, who is married to the villain of the story, finally stands up to him. The hero and heroine are both very young, but have both been through a lot of experiences that make them much wiser than their years, so their actions were believable to me. My only quibble was the ending which seemed a little too fairytale-ish. Just a HEA for a couple of people in love would have sufficed!

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