Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman

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   Jack Beritzhoff

An officer in the US Merchant Marine from World War II to the Korean War, Jack Beritzhoff sailed from the South Pacific to Casablanca to Kuwait to Liverpool to Pusan... and back. 

Sail Away follows him from port to port, around the globe to five continents, discovering friendship and heroism (as well as occasional cowardice and deceit), and of course the beautiful girl in every port.

In the tradition of James Michner's Tales of the South Pacific, this memoir brings a world at war to life through a series of charming vignettes rather than sweeping battles or flying shrapnel. Sail Away is a view of epic events seen through a very human-sized, very bright window, offering glimpses of humor, humanity, and grace at the darkest of times.

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Sail Away is the first title in our Stillpoint/Memory line of original memoirs. Production of this book was supported by a Kickstarter project!

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Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman

The Forgotten Branch: Author Jack Beritzhoff Remembers the Merchant Marine

Merchant Marine Recruiting Poster - Library of Congress
As we approach Memorial Day, most Americans are conscious of honoring those who have served in the military, so it isn't surprising that nearly all of us could name the three largest branches of the armed services — the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy (of which the Marines are the land troops). Quite a few of us could add the Coast Guard to that list. Very few, however, would think to include the Merchant Marine, what Jack Beritzhoff, former merchant seaman and author of Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman, calls "the forgotten branch of the military": Read More

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Sail Away Signing a Huge Success

[caption id="attachment_110" align="alignleft" width="100"]Author Jack Beritzhoff reads from his newly published memoir Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman Author Jack Beritzhoff reads from his newly published memoir Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman[/caption]
August 5, Larkspur, CA. Jack Beritzhoff (93) didn't start writing until he was ninety. Today, a packed house at Folio 949 listened to him read from his newly-published memoir, Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman and then lined up to have the "young. aspiring author" (as he described himself) read from his book of memories about the time that he served as a member of the US Merchant Marine from early in World War II through the Korean War.Read More

Last Day of the Kickstarter Drive!

Today is the final day to help launch Stillpoint Digital Press's first original title by contributing to the Kickstarter drive for Sail Away: Journeys of a Merchant Seaman! We've already achieved our minimum funding goal thanks to the support of a wonderful group of backers. This guarantees that we'll be able to get the book completed as envisioned and on schedule. Any additional pledges will ensure that this nautical memoir will reach the audience that it deserves. If you've already pledged, your support is gratefully appreciated! If you've been waiting, pledge now and reserve one of the very first copies of the print and/or ebook edition. The link is: More