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Two by Two: Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is interesting that St. Valentine’s Day, celebrated in the second month of the year, is the festival of romantic love in Western culture. Interesting for a couple of reasons — the first being that poor Valentine wasn’t really much of a lover himself, as nearly as we can tell (though he was martyred for marrying Christian couples). Of course, his symbol has become the stylized “heart” shape, and the heart has long been identified, both East and West, as the seat of love. And so where earlier Europeans identified May Day and Midsummer Night as the festivals most connected with passion, the Christian world focussed on the day of the saint of the pierced heart.

The other interesting thing about February 14th being the lovers’ holiday, it seems to me, has less to do with Valentine, and everything to do with when it occurs: smack dab in the middle of the second month. Continue reading Two by Two: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kenneth Schneyer on Timepiece: Savor every bite

Foreword to Timepiece by Heather Albano

Kenneth Schneyer

We asked author Kenneth Schneyer to write a foreword to Heather Albano‘s forthcoming time-travel adventure novel Timepiece, which comes out January 3, 2017. What he wrote was so delightful, we thought we’d share it ahead of time!

Keeping Time Kickstarter - A Time Travel Trilogy by Heather Albano Support Keeping Time Kickstarter!

Of course time travel represents an inversion of the way we experience the world. The arrow of entropy is reversed.  People gain knowledge of the consequences of their actions before they take them.  In this, it resembles both the prophecy story and the flashback: more than one author has imagined Tiresias and Cassandra as time travelers. Continue reading Kenneth Schneyer on Timepiece: Savor every bite

Lynn Bornstein to read Laura English at Larkspur Library

Laura English by Lynn Arias BornsteinHere’s your chance to hear Stillpoint author Lynn Bornstein read from her critically acclaimed debut book, Laura English!

On September 20, Bornstein will read from her novel of romance, glamour, and intrigue, which Readers’ Favorite called “a must read,” at the Larkspur Public Library. Afterward, she will stay to answer questions and sign books. Continue reading Lynn Bornstein to read Laura English at Larkspur Library

The Mercenary Major Free on Amazon Today!

For today only, you can get Kate Moore’s Stillpoint Regency Romance The Mercenary Major for free on Amazon.com!

The Mercenary Major by Kate Moore

The Mercenary Major

Escaping death in a stagecoach ambush which left him an orphan. Jack Amherly joined the ranks of the rowdy British army. But his eccentric aunt eventually tracks him down, and when the troops return to London, Aunt Letty makes it her mission to reintroduce her wayward nephew to the ton. . . and to find him a proper wife.

Alas, the outrageously unconventional Jack is taken for a fortune-seeking impostor, a circumstance he finds rather amusing given his disdain for young heiresses. But that is before he encounters the tantalizing Victoria Carr. She’s determined to ascertain the truth of his identity and get on with the pleasures of the Season. Yet exposing the handsome rascal who distracts her quickly turns to a risky game of hearts-one that is never dull for either player.

For more on Kate Moore and her library of novels, visit her page on Stillpoint/Romance or her website at http://www.katemoore.com.

Apart from Love by Uvi Poznansky released!

Apart from Love by Uvi Poznansky

Audible has released Stillpoint’s audiobook production of Uvi Poznansky’s contemporary novel of family drama, romance, and intrigue, Apart from Love.

Narrated by David Kudler and Heather Jane Hogan, Poznansky’s novel explores what happens when Ben, a twenty-seven year old student returns home and meets Anita, a plain-spoken, spunky, uneducated redhead, freshly married to Lenny, Ben’s aging father. Behind his back, Ben and Anita find themselves increasingly drawn to each other. They take turns using an old tape recorder to express their most intimate thoughts, not realizing at first that their voices are being captured by him.
Continue reading Apart from Love by Uvi Poznansky released!

Two New Audiobook Titles on the Way!

Apart from Love by Uvi Poznarsky

I’m excited to be able to announce that Stillpoint has been signed to produce two new audiobooks for novelist Uvi Poznarsky. First up is A Favorite Son, Poznarsky’s retelling of the Genesis story of Jacob and Esav. Told through the eyes of Jacob — both as an old man and as a boy — the novella looks at the emotional challenges that come with Jacob’s assumption of Esav’s birthright, taking his brother’s place as the favorite son.

The other title — a very appropriate one for Valentine’s Day — is Poznarsky’s contemporary novel of a love that won’t be denied, Apart from Love. I’ll be producing this title, and sharing the narration duties with the wonderfully talented Heather Jane Hogan.

More announcements coming soon!

Stillpoint author Kate Moore talks Romance and the RITA® Awards

To Seduce an Angel

When Kate Moore heads south to Anaheim this weekend to attend the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® Awards, it will be for more than a chance to connect with her fans and fellow romance novelists. Her historical novel To Seduce an Angel is up for the Best Regency Historical Romance award.

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