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Weekly Roundup

April may be the cruelest month, but here at Stillpoint Digital there’s some good news — with a new month, comes a new roundup of this weeks most interesting #eprdctn-related articles. 

  1. For those just dipping their toes into the literary arts, check out Just Publishing Advice’s article on how to get started as a writer.
  2. Not sure your eBook’s worth writing? Give it a second chance, and take a look at what recently e-published author Cole Schafer has to say.
  3. Interested in how online publishing has the power to impact younger generations? Here’s why Mark Roquet thinks we need to invest more in Ed Tech.
  4. Everyone gets their news in a different way — here’s how the digital newsstand is coming back into vogue.
  5. Every story deserves a chance to blossom into its own. Here’s why Kristen Lamb thinks authors should wait before they edit.
  6. For avid readers/writers looking to become the masters of their own economic fate, these book recommendations for non-marketers may be worth a glance.

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