Weekly roundup June 12

Weekly Roundup — What’s new in digital publishing?

From a scandal that rocked the world of digital publishing to some nice, relaxing podcast recommendations, here’s our latest weekly roundup.

  1. Assuming you’ve been following the scandal around Kindle Unlimited abuser “Chance Carter,” you’ll probably be glad to hear his books have been removed from the platform (according, at least, to The Digital Reader)
  2. If you want to make money at publishing the old fashioned way (rather than scamming the system like chance), this article on how to choose a price for your eBook is a good place to start
  3. Facebook has been losing users left and right — but what does that mean for those of us who market our businesses using our Newsfeeds?
  4. Speaking of Facebook, if you’re interested in the digital side of marketing, this post about the future of eBook chatbots is certainly worth a read
  5. If you’ve been doing too much reading, consider resting your eyes and listen to some of these amazing podcasts about digital publishing (courtesy of State of Digital Publishing)
  6. Finally, looking for some book recommendations for the summer? It’s a rhetorical question: of course you are. Check out PW’s 2018 list for inspiration

Also, check out Stillpoint publisher/author David Kudler’s post on TheBookDesigner.com about the advantages and disadvantages of selling your ebook exclusively on Amazon!

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